Students with dyslexia and literacy difficulties benefit from following a teaching programme that is:

  • Multisensory (using the senses of seeing, listening, saying and doing)
  • Structured (following the structure of the English language)
  • Sequential and cumulative (easy before hard and building up in small steps)
  • Phonic (linking letters to sounds)

I am able to support children who may not be dyslexic but have difficulties with spelling and reading. 

In addition, any information from parents and teachers, already familiar with a student’s strengths and difficulties, can help to plan appropriate teaching.

The lessons

Lessons will last one hour. Lessons will take place on a one to one basis, be tailored to the student’s needs and based on:

  • Active Literacy Kit
  • Alpha to Omega
  • Units of Sound
  • Hatcher Sound Linkage

There may be a small amount of homework relating to the lesson.

£40 per hour lesson



   Telephone: (01206) 738145